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GSX is in Dallas, TX next week

Temps are going to drop into the high-90’s finally... and I’m starting to think "dress shorts" should be appropriate trade show attire! Back when I started in the security business everyone dressed like they were in the secret service... it’s because they probably were until they got a civilian gig doing security! You used to be able to pick out who was an end-user fairly easy back then. Times have changed. People have changed. Technology has changed.

As we look ahead, I’d like to introduce a buzzword for next week at the show:

2024 will be "The YEAR of IDENTITY 2 ACCESS."

What does that mean? Here are five intriguing topics we can delve into at the show:

  1. The pressing need to reduce reliance on traditional authentication methods such as keycards, pins, and passwords. These can easily be lost, stolen, forgotten or compromised. Many of us have experienced the constant pressure of password resets and forgotten passwords, which we’d like to move beyond – and so do your employees

  2. A thought experiment: If your home burned down, your wallet was stolen, or the airline lost your luggage, and every piece of your known identity vanished, could you still prove who you are? How would you go about it?

  3. A staggering fact: 850 MILLION people worldwide lack an official identity… Let’s get them an ID they can’t lose!

  4. TEACHING moment: Identification and authentication are NOT surveillance tactics. Media reporting is soley focused on "Us not becoming another China Surveillance State" however, the media doesn’t show the good parts, like the consensual identity revolution, mobile credentials, digital wallets, decentralized/self-sovereign, Web3, blockchain that are ALL taking shape. This stuff is not science-fiction… it’s ALL on the show floor. You just have to find it or ask about it!

  5. New identity methods and technologies of proving "I am who I say I am" at the door of your enterprise will be entering the physical security world soon… and they ALL already exist in the digital world – be on the lookout for these new companies joining your associations and knocking on your door to talk about Identity Access Management (IAM).

BONUS LEARNING opportunity:

There is law on the books called BIPA – it stands for The Biometric Information Privacy Act. It was passed in 2008. The law is fairly easy to follow IF you understand and follow the policy and procedures (privacy & compliance) of the law. My shortened version of what you need to know: #1 provide notice & (written.. yes written) consent telling customers/employees why you are collecting AND what you are going to do with their data #2 don’t sell or profit from the data #3 get rid of the data when you said you would. If you want to know about BIPA – and hear it from legal, privacy, technology experts – please register to attend a LIVE EVENT in Chicago (Illinois, where else?!) on Friday October 6, 2023.

Go to for more information.

Every generation, including your children and grandchildren, seek to do things differently from the way they were done before – I call it the "Flintstones to Jetsons" Age - this is how I view what is happening in the security industry and with the GREAT digital transformation we are ALL experiencing!

Talk to me about it on the show floor next week!

- Doug

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